Now is the time. This is the Fund.

The Hidden Star Equity Fund is committed to making smart, profitable investments in women and minority owned businesses, providing outsized returns while affecting positive change.

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We  are proud to be the first private equity fund worldwide to be fully certified as Impact compliant, so you can be assured we will adhere to these stringent guidelines and make meaningful investments in women and minority owned businesses. You can see our proof of certification letter here.

Impact investing is not new or fashionable for us, we have been doing this work for more than six years.

A truly remarkable team with amazing reach and credibility in the minority business community has formed to execute this Fund. This team is highlighted by: Dr. John S. Butler, a world-renowned authority on minority business; Mike Dewey, the founder of Hidden Star non-profit; and other stars who you will learn more about on our team page.

Hidden Star Equity Fund is affiliated with Hidden Star Resources, a non-profit 501(c)(3) that has been helping women and minority entrepreneurs since 2016. Check them out here:

Check out Hidden Star’s Galaxy of Stars online community with hundreds of thousands of women and minority entrepreneur members.